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Rio Rancho, NM - Est. 2020

Providing local, uniquely designed art that complements a southwestern style home with copper being the key design element.
Kurt Wuerker, Owner
How It Began
Hi. Thanks for stopping by, my name is Kurt. I've been crafting home furnishings from both wood and metal for the past several decades but too busy with a day job to allow my interest to be anything other than a hobby. Retirement and a move to New Mexico in 2019 provided the opportunity to seriously consider turning a hobby into a business. In 2020 Copper Accent LLC was formed.

The interest in working with copper began in the 1960s when I lived next to a church in Wisconsin that was having a copper steeple built. The builders left pieces of scrap copper in the parking lot, which I picked up and made a few simple items.

Later, after high school, a job at a metal fabrication shop making custom industrial products fed my interest in metal work. After that, I worked in IT for a few decades from which I retired in 2019. During that period in IT there were projects in my spare time involving the use of copper, including this copper chimney enclosure at my previous home in 2016. Copper Chimney on Roof
For many years I have enjoyed making unique furnishings and artwork that were not found in stores or online and figured others likely had the same desire to own something that was unique. During my bike trail rides in New Mexico I frequently try to think of ways to capture the surrounding beauty of the landscape as an an artform to display at home. I enjoy the process of refining the initial design concept and get closer to something I am satisfied with.
Much of the copper used is purchased as recycled material. The wood that serves as a visible backdrop on some of my pieces consists of solid pine board purchased at local stores. All pieces that go into making my work are cut and shaped using hand tools. The various pieces of copper are attached together using a brazing process to create a secure bond. Melding Copper with Torch, Blue Flame
The coloring of the copper is achieved using combinations of flame, chemicals, or fired vitreous (glass) enamels. There will be variations in the way patinas form on the copper each time. Since all aspects of creating my work are done by hand, some slight differences in technique will occur resulting in variations of size, shape, and color among similar pieces.

Although copper itself is very durable outdoors, it is recommended that all pieces of my work should be placed in a spot that is protected from prolonged direct exposure to sun and moisture. Some patinas are prone to change color if left outdoors in an unprotected spot.

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